British Airways to unveil seaweed-flavored popcorn at cinematic event

British Airways to unveil seaweed-flavored popcorn at cinematic event

Seaweed is a miracle ingredient in any kitchen thanks to its flavor-enhancing ability, nutritional value and the ease with which it can be added to almost any recipe. If you enjoy this sea vegetable raw, there are plenty of seaweed salads and smoothies to savor. Or, you can always accentuate the taste of your favorite cooked dishes by incorporating a seaweed salt replacement. The possibilities are truly endless with this plant, which is undoubtedly why most of the world's greatest chefs have embraced it with such gusto.

Next week, any movie buffs who are attending the British Airways (BA) Silent Picturehouse, a cinematic event the airline is hosting with the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) in London, will get to sample a seaweed recipe for themselves. Five films – all of which are associated with travel – will be screened between July 22 and 26. BA has reportedly teamed up with Simon Hulstone, a Michelin-star chef, to devise distinct popcorn flavors to match each movie, according to the Telegraph.

Seaweed will be featured in the BA's "Shark Bite Popcorn," which is to be served during screenings of "Jaws."

"Gourmet popcorn has become one of the food trends of the year, as well as an essential ingredient for a night at the movies. With our unique twist, the explosive and indulgent flavors will bring the films alive," Hulstone told the British news outlet, adding that these snack choices will contribute to a truly "immersive experience" for movie-goers.

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