Boosting your mineral intake with organic seaweed

Boosting your mineral intake with organic seaweed

When explaining how beneficial eating seaweed for health can be, one of the points we try to frequently emphasize is this versatile ocean plant's abundance of micronutrients, trace elements, minerals and vitamins. But it's also important to know just why these are so essential to healthy living — while nutrients and vitamins may be self-explanatory, what exactly are minerals? Why are they necessary? And why is it important to get them from organic seaweed?

"Although they may not sound as warm and fuzzy as vitamins, minerals perform critical functions — like spark plugs in a car, minerals are the starting point for combustion in your body," writes Kristin Savory for Boulder Weekly. "All nutrients — vitamins, proteins, enzymes, amino acids, carbohydrates and fats — need minerals to help them do their jobs inside the body."

One of these key minerals is iodine, which, as we've touched on many times before, is essential to nourishing your thyroid gland. The thyroid, in turn, controls a host of brain, organ and muscle functions, regulates energy and metabolism and even balances out your mood. But beyond what they can do for your thyroid, minerals are also crucial for bone strength, hormone production and ensuring that nutrients and enzymes are being put to use.

This is where seaweed comes in. Because the human body cannot naturally produce minerals on its own, it has to get them from food. Seaweed contains between 10 and 20 times as many minerals as land-grown plants do, making it absolutely vital to a mineral-rich diet.

To start cooking with seaweed on your own, try Seagreens® seaweed. Seagreens organic wild wrack seaweeds are produced to the company's award-winning proprietary standard (patents pending) among Scotland's remote Western Islands in pristine Grade A waters. Our organic and kosher natural health supplements, like Iodine Capsules and Salad & Condiment, are certified free of contaminants and allergens.

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