Avoid these 3 addictive, unhealthy, diet-busting snacks

Avoid these 3 addictive, unhealthy, diet-busting snacks

The healthy living website Care2 recently ran a piece that profiled five of the most unhealthy and addictive foods found in the average diet. As harmless as we may think these snacks are, not only are they not especially good for us eaten one a time, but those addictive properties ensure that we usually can't and won't stop with just one or two. It's all too easy to tell yourself you'll only have one cookie, or one potato chip, and then find yourself eating a dozen more within minutes! Their sugary highs, sweet tastes and complete inability to leave us feeling full makes these food items major threats to any healthy and balanced diet.

Earlier this week we identified two of these foods as soda and white bread, but here are three more to steer clear of, courtesy of Care2:

  • Fried potatoes: Specifically, potato chips and French fries. These fried snacks are loaded with salt, grease and high glycemic carbs — in short, they're about as unhealthy as you can get. If you find yourself hankering for one of these snacks, opt for sweet potatoes instead, which have proteins and antioxidants to offer.
  • Ice cream: This is yet another treat that is packed with addictive and sugary high-fructose corn syrup, which will have you eating far more than the recommended amounts (only a half-cup serving!) and leave you feeling sick and bloated afterward. If you're finding it hard to part with ice cream as your dessert of choice, then simply make your own! Going the homemade route is far healthier than buying pints out of a store, and also offers you the opportunity to mix in more nutritious — and better-tasting — ingredients. Care2 suggests whipping up "coconut milk ice cream sweetened with fresh berries, raw honey and vanilla."
  • Processed cookies and baked goods: Oreos and Chips Ahoy — just to name some of the more popular examples — are rich in high-fructose corn syrup, which can deliver a drug-like sugar high to your brain. The effect is so potent that a research study conducted last year found that concentrations of high-fructose corn syrup carry addictive properties similar to cocaine! Even more troubling is that the repeated consumption of these foods has become a major contributor to worldwide obesity. While cookies aren't particularly good for you from any source, if you do want to have one, bake your own at home instead. That way you at least know just what exactly is going into the dessert!

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