Australian whale festival to open with talk on seaweed benefits

Australian whale festival to open with talk on seaweed benefits

It's no great leap to assume that people who are interested in marine life may also be open to experimenting with seaweed recipes. That is precisely what organizers of the Hervey Bay Whale Festival in South Queensland, Australia, are banking on, as the month-long event is poised to open with an educational lecture on the nutritional benefits of this abundant sea vegetable.

According to the Fraser Coast Chronicle, a regional news outlet, University of South Queensland professor Lindsay Brown will be addressing crowds of eager whale watchers as a part of the festival's Creating Waves lecture series on August 2. Brown, who specializes in biomedical sciences, has conducted ample research into the health-based applications of seaweed. The source reports that Brown will be discussing his findings regarding the plant's ability to help curb the tide of obesity. To date, studies have indicated that this plant may combat weight gain by making certain foods more filling. A 2009 study conducted at the Sheffield Centre for Food Innovation in the United Kingdom revealed that introducing Seagreens® seaweed granules to bread improved satiety, thereby reducing overall food consumption and bolstering weight loss efforts.

The Hervey Bay Whale Festival itself will extend throughout the month of August, giving attendees a chance to take whale-watching tours and learn more about the fascinating marine creatures found along the region's shores. In addition, the event will also include more informational sessions as well as wine-tasting, jazz music and other offerings.

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