Australian duo brings seaweed to local chefs

Australian duo brings seaweed to local chefs

For a chef, there are few experiences more invigorating than discovering a new and versatile ingredient. Seaweed has already taken the global culinary scene by storm, thanks to its use by some of the world's best chefs. However, there are still some professionals who have yet to experiment with seaweed recipes, and one enterprising Australian duo hopes to change that. Recently, ABC – Australia's broadcasting company – reported on the efforts of James Ashmore and Craig Sanderson to promote seaweed as an ingredient.

According to the news outlet, the two men currently reside in Tasmania, where they harvest seaweed off of the region's east coast. Both were drawn to the plant because of its health benefits, as well as its diversity and abundance. Even after decades of studying the plant, Sanderson, who calls himself "The Weed Doctor," is still familiarizing himself with the different species of this sea vegetable. 

Of course, Sanderson and Ashmore aren't the only ones interested in cooking with seaweed. Their new business endeavor has been fueled by the fact that many Australian chefs are equally intrigued by the plant and are eager to put it to use.

"[Sanderson] says chefs across Australia are coming up with new recipes for the Wakame and Mekabu and the demand for the processed product is great," the source source reports.

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