AT-SEA project seeks to expand seaweed production for use as biofuel

AT-SEA project seeks to expand seaweed production for use as biofuel

For all the health benefits seaweed can provide as a part of your regular diet, scientists are also eager to tap this nutrient-rich resource as a biofuel agent to help wean the world off of unsustainable carbon-based energy sources. We've discussed ongoing advancements in this arena extensively on this blog, as any expansion of the seaweed industry is undoubtedly a positive shift for the global population at large.

Recently, the regional news outlet reported on the progress of a large-scale seaweed production project currently underway off the Scottish coast.

Backed by the European Union, the AT-SEA program is a three-year endeavor that "aims to make mass cultivation of seaweeds in Europe's near-shore locations technically and economically feasible by creating textile substrates that can endure the harsh conditions they are exposed to as the seaweed grows," explained textile manufacturing specialist Bert Groenendaal of Sioen Industries, who is coordinating the project.

Groenendaal and his team are working on what the news outlet refers to as a "magic carpet" that involves several sheets that resemble gardening mesh, which will potentially be fastened together and seeded with seaweed.

Though the focus of this endeavor is to grow seaweed for the purpose of creating biofuel, the news outlet states that the researchers also mentioned branching out into the medical industry, where new applications for the sea vegetable are continually being discovered. However, the AT-SEA coordinators made no mention of making this sea vegetable available to consumers who wish to start cooking with seaweed.

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