Artist unveiled “Department of Seaweed” exhibit at London Museum

Artist unveiled “Department of Seaweed” exhibit at London Museum

We discuss the many applications of seaweed a lot on this blog, from its versatility in the kitchen to its potential use as a medical textile and biofuel. If you've ever wanted to experiment with this incredible sea vegetable yourself, there are plenty of ways to do so! When it comes to seaweed recipes, Seagreens® The Mineral Salt and the Culinary Ingredient make it incredibly easy to infuse your meals with seaweed nutrients while enhancing your favorite flavors. Meanwhile, if you really want to get your hands dirty, you may be interested in an exhibit that took place at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Recently, the U.K. edition of Wired magazine showcased the work of artist and seaweed enthusiast Julia Lohmann, who completed a design residency at the museum in 2013. Lohmann works with many mediums, but has a long-standing love affair with sculpture. The German-born artist has previously focused on animal forms and materials derived from animals. Her newer work, though, revealed that she has become particularly taken with the inherent beauty of sea flora.

As a part of her residency at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Lohmann opened an exhibit called "The Department of Seaweed" where she developed "processes that will allow people around the world without specialist tools to work with seaweed as a local resource," according to Wired. She was initially drawn to the plant when she first visited a seaweed farm and saw, "very large sheets that can be like leather, plastic, paper or even wood veneer."

If you didn't make it across the pond for this intriguing exhibit, all is not lost. You can still enjoy seaweed nutrients! Seagreens® is wild-harvested in Grade A pristine waters in the Scottish Outer Hebrides to Human Food Seaweed™ standards (patents pending), and is a natural multi-nutrient whole food.

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