Antioxidants can help skin recover from sunburn

Antioxidants can help skin recover from sunburn

By now, we all know that it's not a good idea to go outside in the summer sun for long periods of time without sunscreen. When your skin gets red and painful, that's a sign that it's being damaged by ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can lead to skin cancer later on. 

What's more, a new study has discovered that the skin damage caused by UV rays can continue to progress even after you come in out of the sun. According to researchers at Yale University, not only does your skin begin to take a hit as soon as you expose it to the sun, but the DNA continues to undergo damage for hours afterward. This damage is induced by free radicals that are triggered by the change in chemistry brought about by UV radiation.

While this might seem like bad news on the surface, it also means that it's possible to prevent some portion of skin damage from taking place by acting swiftly as soon as you realize you've been sunburnt. Eating foods that are high in antioxidants, like vitamins C, E and reservatrol, can help to curb the damage inflicted by the free radicals, keeping your skin from bearing the full brunt of their potential to cause mutations.

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