Alaskan seaweed could be used to fight diabetes and obesity

Alaskan seaweed could be used to fight diabetes and obesity

Despite being an age-old delicacy in many cultures, seaweed has never been a particularly popular part of the modern diet — until recently. A combination of new research and growing public awareness has left more and more people eager to begin reaping seaweed benefits for themselves, whether as a nutritious supplement to their meals or — especially in the case of Seagreens® seaweed — as a valuable source of minerals, trace elements and vitamin groups. Thanks to the continuing efforts of scientists, that list of benefits is only continuing to grow.

A team of researchers at North Carolina State University recently discovered that a variety of seaweed growing in the waters off Southeast Alaska could offer a range of healthy attributes and even ward off life-threatening conditions. As The Anchorage Daily News, a local news publication, reports, these particular plants endure a number of harsh conditions, such as extreme cold, strong tides, massive daylight exposure during the summer and no shortage of local plant-eating species'. That endurance, as it turns out, has helped foster a sea plant that can greatly bolster health and well-being.

The source notes that the antioxidants in these seaweeds "could offer protection against conditions — like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases — that are linked to oxidative-damaged cells."

Luckily, you don't have to visit an Alaskan grocery store to begin taking advantage of seaweed for health. Seagreens seaweed is a natural multi-nutrient whole food that is wild-harvested in the Grade A pristine waters of the Scottish Outer Hebrides to our proprietary Human Food Seaweed™ standards (patents pending), and boasts higher levels of quality and nutrition compared to the average seaweed — a fact that has been demonstrated by a number of independent research studies.

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If my patients are taking Seagreens they are getting the nutrients they might have been getting in their normal food 50 years ago, such as the trace minerals, and that makes a huge difference. It ...