A healthy gut means a strong immune system: Keep them both happy with seaweed nutrients

A healthy gut means a strong immune system: Keep them both happy with seaweed nutrients

If you're experiencing issues with digestion, this obstruction can affect your health in many ways. A healthy digestive tract is essential for absorbing the nutrients you need, and when this system comes to a standstill, you can feel its effects throughout your body. As such, seeking out foods that actively stimulate your gut can boast many benefits for your overall health. In fact, a new study from Oregon State University has just shed light on another vital role that the microbes in your gut can play. 

According to a recent press release, researchers have found that the gut flora may be directly related to the immune system, and that the communication between immune cells within the digestive tract and throughout the body is essential to help combat harmful viruses, bacteria and other agents. 

"Asked about their immune system, most people might think of white blood cells, lymph glands or vaccines. They would be surprised that's not where most of the action is," explained lead author and assistant professor Dr. Natalia Shulzhenko. "Our intestines contain more immune cells than the entire rest of our body."

Recently on this blog, we covered a study on seaweed supplements and their potential ability to enhance the effectiveness of flu vaccinations among the elderly. This nutrient-rich sea vegetable has also been shown to promote gut health by fueling "good bacteria," protecting gut lining and stimulating the production of digestive enzymes. With this new discovery in mind, it seems that seaweed can ramp up your body's natural defenses on many fronts, so consider incorporating this plant in your diet today to ward off the inevitable sniffles and sneezes this flu season.

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