4 ways seaweed can help with weight loss

4 ways seaweed can help with weight loss

If you've been struggling with losing weight, it might be time to consider adding seaweed to your daily diet. Numerous studies have shown the benefits of seaweed for promoting weight loss:

  • It supports effective digestion. Since seaweed is packed with dietary fiber, it helps your body break down the food you eat more effectively. It also fills you up so that you feel satisfied after eating for longer.
  • It promotes healthy thyroid function. The iodine found in seaweed is crucial for the proper functioning of the thyroid, which is responsible for regulating your weight, energy and mood. Improper thyroid functioning can cause you to hold onto excess weight, so including seaweed in your diet can help you get over this weight-loss hurdle.
  • It stops you from digesting fat. According to a study from the University of Newcastle, substances called alginates that are found in seaweed prevent the body from processing fat, keeping fatty foods from leading to weight gain. 
  • It's a healthy hangover cure. Instead of hitting the greasy spoon down the street for a big, caloric breakfast after a night of drinking, just eat some seaweed. Certain types of seaweed are high in magnesium, which is known for mitigating the effects of a hangover because it becomes depleted in the body after heavy drinking.

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