3 ways you can start cooking with seaweed

3 ways you can start cooking with seaweed

Seaweed is a versatile product and using it as an ingredient in your cooking is one way to benefit from all of its nutritional value. Cooking with seaweed doesn't have to be a complicated process in experimental cuisine, though. You can simply add seaweed products to these three basic, everyday dishes and enjoy all the perks of healthy seaweed snacking!

Salty popcorn can contribute to an overload of sodium in your diet and lead to such problems as high blood pressure. As a healthier substitute for salt, you can season your next bowl of popcorn with seaweed. Seaweed enhances flavor with half the salt content.

As the weather gets colder, soup sounds even more inviting as a snack or meal. You can liven any soup recipe by adding seaweed. Not only will your broth burst with flavor, this dish will call on traditional uses of seaweed as an ingredient.

A more basic choice in seaweed cooking, salad is still a fantastic way to add seaweed to your diet and benefit from its many nutrients and vitamins.

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