3 important reasons to cook at home

3 important reasons to cook at home

It seems that there's an app for every food need these days, whether it's helping you secure a table at the hottest new eatery or delivering take out directly to your door. With all that food at our fingertips, why even bother cooking at home? If you're asking yourself that very question, here are three important reasons to make your meals yourself:

1. You save money
The most obvious and compelling reason is that it's far less expensive to cook at home than to order from  a restaurant every day. If nutrition isn't your top concern, you may at least want to try cooking more to help your budget.

2. You have better control over your portions
If you're worried about weight management, the key is to cook at home. At restaurants, you're likely to get larger portions and feel inclined to eat more. At home, you have control over exactly how much you eat. If you accidentally cook too much, you can quickly store leftovers for future meals.

3. You know what ingredients you use
Perhaps the biggest issue with dining out too often is the fact that you don't always know what ingredients are used in your foods. While restaurants are working to create more transparency between them and their patrons, as well as offer more alternatives for diners with dietary restrictions, there is still some mystery. Whether you have health concerns from consuming too much sodium or have a food allergy, cooking at home will always be your best bet.

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