3 healthy seaweed benefits

3 healthy seaweed benefits

Seaweed has often been touted as a nutritious "superfood" and for good reason! After all, superfoods are defined as those food items chock full of minerals and vitamins that make both a nutritious addition to any diet but can also ward off diseases and health risks — all of which seaweed has in spades. But using the superfood label as a blanket term also doesn't tell us a whole lot about why seaweed can so excellently complement our meals (or even serve as its own filling meal!). 

If you've been wondering what exactly seaweed can bring to the table, check out these three seaweed benefits outlined by the San Francisco Gate:

  • Calcium: This essential mineral is necessary for maintaining bone and teeth strength, but can also play a part in contracting muscles and helping the nervous system function properly. While seaweed doesn't contain a substantial degree of calcium, these ocean-harvested plants do harbor a modest amount that can help improve your calcium intake all the same.
  • Iron: Sea vegetables are natural sources of iron, which provide you with the energy needed for basic daily activities by fostering how the circulatory system regulates the flow of blood into tissue. You can use seaweed to bolster your iron intake and help avoid conditions like iron-deficiency anemia, an issue brought on by low levels of iron that can leave you short of breath, pale and fatigued.
  • Vitamin K: Seaweed contains healthy amounts of the fat-soluble nutrient, vitamin K, which is responsible for communicating with your body's platelets and forming blood clots whenever you're injured and the body needs to stop the flow of blood to an area.

If you've decided it's time to start eating healthier, consider adding Seagreens® seaweed to your diet. Seagreens is a natural multi-nutrient whole food determined by independent studies to be of a higher caliber of quality and nutrition than the average organic seaweed. Seagreens is wild harvested in the Grade A pristine waters among Scotland's remote Western Isles to our proprietary Human Food Seaweed™ standards (patents pending) and is available as natural health supplements like The Culinary Ingredient and The Mineral Salt.

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