3 bad heart habits you need to kick this summer

3 bad heart habits you need to kick this summer

We can do a lot of bad things to our heart health in the matter of a day. Since summer is such a great time to get active, focus on kicking these three bad habits and you can make a world of difference:

1. Being a couch potato
Who doesn't love to reach for the remote after a long day of work? It's a great way to unwind, but sitting for too long is bad for your heart. You need a consistent exercise regimen to stay healthy. This summer, put down the remote, get outside and be active!

2. Forgetting to floss
You always get that helpful reminder from your dentist to floss, but this habit does more than just clean your teeth and gums. Some studies have found a connection between the bacteria build-up on your gums to cardiovascular health, suggesting that flossing could help your heart.

3. Consuming too much sodium
Your diet is a critical part of your path to a healthy heart. To make sure you're on the right track, look at the big picture instead of the individual foods you consume. 

"Eating a healthy diet is not about good foods and bad foods in isolation from the rest of your diet – it's about the overall diet," Robert Eckel, previous American Heart Association president and co-chair of the new guideline committee, said in an article for the association's website

In that regard, sodium intake is extremely important to consider in your overall diet. High levels contribute to a risk of cardiovascular disease and hypertension. Unfortunately, a lot of the foods we eat already contain a lot of sodium. Looking at the bigger picture, though, you can take better control of your sodium intake by cooking more at home and using salt replacements.

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